Reduce PV dirt build-up for 10 years, with our one-off Self-Cleaning Tio2 Coating. It is a WIN-WIN Situation.

PV Installers make extra Income.

Customers generate more electricity.

Coating even cleans the surrounding air, helping the environment.


See Before & After Videos below :



Nationwide Installers.

Professionally Installed.

Zero Maintenance.

ANTI-STATIC, Less Attraction to dust Particles.

Breaks down bird droppings, algae, moss etc.

Reduction in rate of Panel degradation due to the weather and elements, protecting your investment.

ANTI-FADING, reducing UV damage on panels.

ANTI-CORROSION, protecting the Aluminium frame.



Panels become Cleaner for longer, increasing electricity production.

No more necessary to clean the panels, as the rain will usually be strong enough to rinse them off.

If your environmental conditions are severe, you will clean less frequently, and panels will clean much quickly with no need for cleaning chemicals. You will save £££s on labour and cleaning chemical costs.

Coating lasts up to 25 years or more. 10-year Warranty.

Coating is very thin, 150X THINNER THAN A STRAND OF HAIR, and it does not void the PV manufacturer’s warranty.

Coating also helps panels to absorb more light, increasing production.

Coating will even help to clean the surrounding air, by breaking down toxic chemicals, pollens, viruses, bacteria etc in the air, into harmless residues, helping to clean the environment.

Due to the cleaning effect of the surrounding air, birds e.g. pigeons, are less likely to be attracted to the coated solar panels because the scent from the bird droppings, that usually attracts them, will be continuously cleansed 24/7, by the coating.


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