Other Applications

Our Tio2 “Titanium Dioxide Nano-Coatings” have been developed for more than 10+ years.


Benefits & Features :

Air-Cleaning benefits.

Self-Cleaning benefits.

Anti-staining benefits.

Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial benefits.

Anti-corrosion benefits.

Easy-to-clean benefits.

Anti-fading benefits.

Coating is invisible. 150X thinner than a strand of hair

Coating even cleans the air, 24/7 for years.

Too many benefits and applications to mention.


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Few Applications below :

Air-Cleaning Roof Tiles

Property developers can have their roof tiles coated. This will allow the tiles to be air-cleaning, self-cleaning, anti-fading, anti-algae, anti-moss, amongst other benefits. By using a technology called “Tio2 nano-technology”, the coating is activated by light and it will continuously cleanse the air outside the property, by removing toxic chemicals, toxic vehicle emissions,viruses, bacteria, pollens and other pollutants, reducing them to harmless residues. This ensures that the air entering the property from the outside, is cleaner and safer. Coating will remains on roof tiles for up to 25 years once applied and it is transparent and so, will not alter the colour of the roof tiles.


Organisations that spend lots of money in the up-keep of their pavings can have their pavings coated. This will help the pavings to be anti-staining, easier to clean, anti-fading amongst other benefits. Also, the coated pavings will begin to clean the surrounding air, removing toxic chemicals, viruses, bacteria etc.


High valued items made from wood can be preserved by coating them. This will keep them preserved for many years to come. It will also make them anti-staining, anti-fading and eay to wipe with no chemicals needed at all. Coated wood will also retain its shine for years.


When applied on metals, it will protect against corrossion and also make it easier to clean. When applied on fiber-glass, the protective barrier will keep it anti-staining, anti-fading and anti-scratching.


You can have your flooring coated to make them anti-static, which means, they become less attrative to dust and also, you will be able to clean them with no need for chemicals. Once wiped, the shine will come out. This will help to retain the value of the flooring for a very long time. Coating can last up to 10 years on the flooring. The flooring will also begin to clean your surrounding air for years ! Simply coat your flooring to pro-long their life-span while you spend little to no time cleaning them. Plus years of savings on chemical cleaning costs ! After coating, simply mop with water and see the shine come out !


Do you have a prized possession that you wish to protect ? By coating them, it will protect the paint from fading and staining, and also you will be able to clean them with just a brush and water. Once cleaned this way, the shine will simply come out. Coating can protect the paint work for up to 10 years.

Please email us for any enquiries. We have a Tio2 Coating FOR ANY MATERIAL. Email info@nanotreat.co.uk