Invest £999.99 & Make £250/Hr

Our Tio2 Coating makes Surfaces Anti-bacterial, Quick & Easy to clean PLUS other benefits. As a Kitchen or Bathroom Installer, make extra money in 3 easy steps :

( Step 1 ) Buy Your £249.99 Product

Product include 10x 500ML Wiping Solution, 1x 50ML Polishing Cream, 1x 50ML Spraying Solution.

Enough for 1,000 Square Feet of surface area or more.


( Step 2 ) Buy Your Own £500 Tools.

Tools include Portable Air Compressor, Spray Gun etc

We will send you the link to buy everything for an estimated cost of £550.

( 3rd Step ) Book Your £249.99 Online Training.

Training will take about 1 to 2 hours, online preferably via Zoom.

You will learn how to set up your compressor and spray gun and maintain all your equipment and items.

You will learn how to apply coating on ceramics, glass, tiles, vinyl, wood, metal etc especially on bathroom walls, tubs, showers etc and kitchen worktops etc

You will learn how to easily make £250/hr by selling the self-cleaning coating as an add-on to bathroom and kitchen installations.



Can be applied on many materials e.g. wood, tiles, ceramics, vinyl, marble, glass, porcelain, granite, PVC etc

Helps Bathroom walls and floors to be anti-mold, anti-staining and effort-less to clean.

Helps kitchen surfaces e.g. worktops to be self-dis-infecting.

Easy-To-Clean benefits.

Usually no need for cleaning chemicals.

Self-Cleaning Benefits.

Anti-staining benefits.

Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial benefits.

Anti Wear & Tear benefits.

Anti-fading benefits.

Coating is invisible. 150X thinner than a strand of hair

Coating even cleans the surrounding air.

Once applied professionally, lasts up to 12 years.


Please email us for any enquiries. We have a Tio2 Coating FOR ANY MATERIAL. Email