£4.99 Phone Treatment.

Your phone surfaces are Treated ( Cleaned, Sanitised and Coated ) in just 5 minutes for £4.99 ONLY.
The Tio2 Coating helps to keep the phone surfaces continuously sanitised 24/7 for 3 Months, using a PROVEN PHOTO-CATALYTIC NANO-TECHNOLOGY.
Phone treated in just 5 mins.
Did you know that Scientists found mobile phones to be 10x dirtier than toilet seats ? Read full article here…
FACT : Your Mobile phone is Dirtier than your toilet seat !

Treatment Video

£4.99 for one Phone.
Cash or Card.
Phone screens and cases for EXTRA 99p ONLY !!!
To get your phone Treated, please come and see us :

10am To 5pm
Monday To Saturday.
Phone Treatment Unit,
Mercury Mall Shopping Centre,
Romford, Essex.
By Wilko, by stairs to the Cinema.
By Wilko, by stairs to Cinema.
Phone Treatment Unit
By Wilko, by stairs to Cinema.



Our SECRET-FORMULAE Tio2 Coating also helps the phone surfaces to be Anti-Scratching & easier to wipe.


Germs pile up on phone surfaces when we text, browse, make phone calls etc Overtime, this raises health concerns.
But, with the phone treatment, you know that you are doing your bit to keep you and your loved ones safe. We recommend the Phone Treatment once every 2 to 3 Months.
For enquiries, please Call 0800-234-3998.
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To become an installer in the UK , please email info@nanotreat.co.uk for further information.