ONE-OFF Phone Treatment.

Dirty phone = Dirty Hands.

Your phone surfaces are professionally ( Cleaned, sanitised & Coated ).

The Coating keeps the phone surfaces sanitised for 4 years. It takes us 5 minutes to do your phone. Proven Photo-catalytic Tio2 Nano-technology.

INTRODUCTORY £10 OFFER ! RRP £24.99. Plus a FREE Complimentary Coating of the Phone-Case.

Treatment Video




(1) Our hands touch contaminated surfaces when we go out on e.g. on buses, trains, public transport etc

(2) We then deposit these germs on our phone surfaces when we text or email etc on the phone.

(3) Overtime, harmful germs pile up on the phone surfaces posing health concerns.

(4) You might sanitize your phone yourself once a while, but, this is usually inconvenient.

(5) With our phone treatment, you get 24/7 sanitisation on your phone surfaces, for 4 years.

(6) Therefore, the phone treatment, is beneficial to you and your loved ones. After all, your phone deserves a Treat !


NANOTREAT is the UK”s No1 Titanium Coating Specialist Company.

We have been applying anti-viral coatings in the UK since 2016. For any anti-bacterial, anti-viral and self-cleaning coating enquiries, please email

For franchise enquiries, please email ( your name, contact number, and the UK city or area, that you are interested in ) to

What makes us Unique ?

While the technology of Tio2 coating’s ( anti-viral, anti-bacterial and self-cleaning ) properties are not something new. The challenge with this technology is that, the coating hardly adheres long enough on surfaces.

This is the reason why most Tio2 products in the market last btw 24 hours to 1 month, on surfaces. This is what makes us unique.

Our Tio2 products have been developed over the last 15 years, to last for years. 4 years on phones. 10 years on solar panels. 5 years plus, on most other materials including bricks, glass, tiles, glass, marble, wood etc. Name the material, we have the Tio2 coating for it.

For any enquiries, please email