How It Works


Titanium Coatings are known to have anti-Viral and anti-bacterial properties. When a surface is coated with Titanium Dioxide, the surface will exhibit dis-effectant properties. Just after a single application,  Our coating can last for up to 10 years or more, when applied on most surfaces. This can greatly help to combat the corona-virus pandemic, when applied on surfaces. Another product of ours that can help in a viral pandemic is our light-bulb, that is coated with our titanium coating. For more information, Please Click On :


There are a few titanium coatings in the market for windows, wood etc. Our parent company has the unique privilege of developing  a proprietary formulae of titanium coating that last on a coated surface for a very long time, just after a single application of the coating on the surface e.g. 25 years on solar panels, 7 to 10 years on light-bulbs. We have titanium coatings designed specifically for PV Solar Panels, light-bulbs, metals, wood, glass etc .

Our parent company has been working with this product, coupled with their application techniques, for almost 20 years now.

The way it works regarding PV Solar Panels is below :

When PV Panels are professionally cleaned, polished and coated with a Thin-Film Coating of this product, it will stay on the surface of the panels for at least 10 years, up to 25 years or more.

The 1st benefit is that, the Titanium film or coating, does not BOND STRONGLY with dirt or dust. And so, when dirt and dust would have normally stick on the panel surface, requiring cleaning to remove them, in the case of a coated panel, most of the dirt or dust will not stick and the panels will stay cleaner for longer. Also, when it rains on the coated panel, the little dirt or dust that sits or sticks on the panel surface, become very easy to rinse off. This self-cleaning effect helps the panels to be more efficient.

The 2nd Benefit of the Coating is that, the Coating actually absorbs more sunlight than other solar panel laminations. We have found that coated panels absorb more sunlight and this usually results in up to 6% more electricity production compared to un-coated panels. This effect supplements the solar panel’s manufacturer’s performance warranty.

The 3rd Benefit is that the coating acts as a photo-catalyst for certain reactions. When daylight or sunlight shines on the panels, the Titanium Coating speeds up the release of ( OH ) super-oxygen molecules from the moisture or water in the surrounding air. These ( OH ) are very short-lived but highly reactive. The ( OH ) have oxidizing effects and the benefits of the oxidizing effect of these molecules are as follows :

(a) They decompose or break down any oil pollutants on the panel surface. These oil pollutants include tree saps, bird droppings, vehicle emissions that normally cover the windscreen of cars resulting in blurred vision etc As these oil pollutants are broken down into harmless residues, they are easily rinsed off by the rain. This effect increases panel efficiency.

(b) They inhibit or almost eliminate the growth of organic matter on the panel surface e.g. green algae, moss etc. No organic matter or pollutants will be able to survive on the treated panel surface. This effect supplements the solar panel’s manufacturer’s product warranty.

(c) They clean the air of toxic chemicals. Within 10 feet radius from the surface of the coated panel, the hydroxides remove 99.99% of toxic chemicals from the air, thereby, cleaning the air 24/7 for at least 10 years.

(4) The 4th Benefit of the Coating is that because the coating does not easily react with the elements to allow rust to be produced, the coating retains it’s shine for at least 10 years, up to 25 years. And so, coated panels are anti-fading, anti-corrosive, anti-scratching etc. This anti-ageing effect protects the panel surface from UV damage as many panels begin to show a sign of UV damage after a few years of installing the panels. This is not the case with coated panels.

For more information, you can watch videos on youtube by searching for “What is Ti02 or titanium dioxide ?”