Self-Cleansing & Re-Useable Face-Masks.


If you wear this face-mask daily, and clean it just once a month, it can last for 45 washes or 4 years less 2 months. It is possible to wear it daily for 30 days or more, without washing them, because of the self-cleansing effect. ***These are not medical face-masks. they are intended for general use ONLY. Please use with care***

To wash them, just wash them as you normally wash your clothes. And dry them as you normally dry your clothes. If you exceed washing the face-mask more than 45 times, you can still continue using it, but, the self-cleansing properties will not be as potent as in the beginning.

This is made possible, due to our UNIQUE TITANIUM DIOXIDE FORMALAE, which is the best in the whole industry. This formulae is specifically designed for fabrics, to blend and bond with them. And so, the fabric now has the inherent properties of “Titanium dioxide” which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mold, anti-odour, self-cleaning properties etc

Tio2 is a chemical used as an ingredient for many products including sunscreen body-creams, paints, cheese, toothpastes etc. It is non-toxic and ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified safe. When a fabric is coated with this chemical, the fabric begins to break down bacteria, viruses, odours and other pollutants that comes in contact with it. Should the mask becomes stained or sticky due to one reason or the other, you can clean it by hand-washing or washing in a mashing machine, and just dry as normal.

The face-masks come in black colours ONLY for now, and it is 100% cotton, 2-layered for easy breathing, which is naturally breatheable and re-useable. ***These are not medical face-masks. they are intended for general use ONLY. ***

Re-useable, 100% Cotton Face-mask. 2-Layered cotton for Easy Breathing. Coated with Titanium for added protection. Can be cleaned in washing Machine. Just wash like you will wash your normal clothes.

These Self-cleansing face-masks breaks down :

Deadly bacteria, Viruses, Flu Viruses, pathogens, superbug e.g. flesh-eating MRSA, C-diff and CRE, Carbon-dioxide, acetone, formaldehyde, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, pollutants, volatile organic carbon ( VOCs ) and converts odours from tobacco, urine, smoke, faecal or any chemical smell into odorless and harmless substances.

The coating  works as a photo-catalyst, which means, it is activated  by light, and it is 3x stronger than chlorine, and 1.5x stronger than ozone, yet, it has no VOCs. Also, dust particles, lichen, algae, mildew, molds etc are no longer attracted to the fabric because of the coating.

Considering the affordability, convenience and superior protection that these self-cleansing face-masks offers, every single human being on the face on the planet deserves to have one.

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