Give your fabric face-masks a BOOST, by adding an EXTRA-LAYER OF PROTECTION to it, with our nano-coating, applied by us, on your fabric face-mask, in less than 5 minutes, for just £4.99

If you wear this face-mask daily, and clean it just once a month, it can last for 45 washes or 4 years less 2 months. It is possible to wear it daily for 30 days or more, without washing them, because of the self-cleansing effect. ***These are not medical face-masks. they are intended for general use ONLY. Please use with care***

To wash them, just wash them as you normally wash your clothes. And dry them as you normally dry your clothes. If you exceed washing the face-mask more than 45 times, you can still continue using it, but, the self-cleansing properties will not be as potent as in the beginning.

This is made possible, due to our UNIQUE TITANIUM DIOXIDE FORMALAE, which is the best in the whole industry. This formulae is specifically designed for fabrics, to blend and bond with them. And so, the fabric now has the inherent properties of “Titanium dioxide” which are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-mold, anti-odour, self-cleaning properties etc

For any fabric anti-viral and antibacterial coating enquiries, please email