Door-Knobs & Switches

Make the surfaces of your door-knobs, door handles and WALL light switches ANTI-BACTERIAL AND ANTI-VIRAL for up to 2 years, with our nanotechnology coating, professionally applied by us, for a continuous active dis-infectant effect.

24-Hour, 365-Day, 4-Year Protection.

£99.99 minimum call-out charge. £7.99 per item. All prices ex VAT. Call or text 07555-486857 to make bookings. Or email

You can also add AN EXTRA LAYER OF PROTECTION to your fabric face-mask by allowing us to nano-coat it for you for just £4.99. See more info by clicking FACE-MASK BOOSTER FOR £4.99

Video of door-handle Coating


A door usually has 2 door handles.

Therefore, the 2 door-handles will cost ( 2 x £7.99 ) = £15.98 plus Vat.

Each item costs £7.99 e.g. 1 door handle, or 1 wall light-switch or 1 door knob. We simply count all the individual items and invoice you for the total.

Minimum charge is £99.99 plus VAT.


Unlike other companies that are now claiming that they offer anti-viral coatings, WE HAVE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE 2016 BEFORE COVID-19 showed up ! We are the No1 expert in Titanium anti-viral coatings in the UK. No other company can offer you a 10-year warranty on solar panel anti-viral and self-cleaning coating in the UK. We are the only company that offers this !

Email for your antiviral coating needs. We have the best products in the world !

Text or phone 07555486857 to make a booking now. Or email us on