How Tio2 Coating Works

Our Secret-Formulae Titanium di-oxide Coating for automobiles, planes and yatches, is a 4-Step application process ( Cleaning, Buffing, Preparation-Coating & Final-Coating ) professionally installed, resulting in the following benefits below, when applied on the exteriors :

Protects paint from fading.

Protects metals from corroding.

Protects exterior from staining.

Protects exterior from scratching.

Reduces frequency of Cleaning, saving you £££s.

Cleaning becomes easier and faster. Saving more £££s.

Eliminates need for cleaning chemicals. Saving £££s.

Anti-dragging benefits, reducing fuel costs up to 12%.

Increased aerodynamics.

80% less barnacles on exterior.

Transparent therefore, does not change colour of exterior.

5-Year Guarantee.


When the Coating is applied on the interiors including seats, covers etc, it offers the following benefits :

Anti-microbial benefits.

Fading protection.

Extends life of interiors.

Makes interiors easier to clean. Saving ££s.

Makes interiors faster to clean. Saving £££s.

Helps interiors to retain shine.

Offers anti-scratching benefits.

Continuously Deodourises the surrounding air by removing odours e.g. cigarette smell etc

Continuously Detoxifies the surrounding air by removing chemical pollutants etc VOCs.

Continuously Sanitises the surrounding air by removing viruses and bacteria etc.

Leaves the surrounding air fresh and clean.

5-Year Guarantee.

Above all, the shine of the finished job is incredible ! For more enquiries, please email