The DIY KIT option, allows you to buy a DIY KIT, which allows you to spray your own light-bulbs yourself. The DIY KIT Option, is the more affordable option. Once your coated light-bulbs are switched on, the will begin to clean your surrounding air. And you can also continue to use your light-bulbs as usual, after coating them. For more enquiries reagarding this product, please email


(1) HELPS TO SANITIZE THE AIR by removing viruses and harmful bacteria from the air. It breaks down 99.9% of Viruses, Deadly Bacteria, and Mold including Drug-Resistant Super Bugs, Flesh-Eating Staph/MRSA, Super Bug Plague CRE, Flu Viruses, E-coli, SARS, Black Mold, Anthrax, Salmonella, Plague, and many many more.

***Our Coating has not been tested specifically against Corona-virus or Covid-19, since it is a relatively very new virus. However, SARS is very close to corona-virus and light-bulbs coated with our product break down SARS. Please bear in mind, that a coated light-bulb is not a medical device, and it is not intended to treat or cure any sickness or disease.****

(2) HELPS TO DEODORIZE THE AIR by removing odors in the air, from the following sources ( tobacco, cigarette, mold, skunk, garbage, pets, chemicals, urine, fecal, dampness, burnt food, cooking, etc ) and many more. This can potentially reduce your spend on air freshners over a 7 to 10-year period. With this potential savings alone, the DIY KIT can easily pay for itself in no time !

(3) HELPS TO DE-TOXIFY THE AIR by removing toxic chemicals from the air e.g. ( Carbon Monoxide, car emissions,  Formaldehyde, ammonia, pesticides, smog,  etc ) Customers who live in areas with polluted air, will greatly benefit from this. Just imagine all the health benefits !

(4) OTHER BENEFITS amongst many others are, it helps to eliminate black mold and mildew that tends to grow in the bathroom area. It also helps in-door plants to grow faster and healthier. It also helps to remove moisture from the air.

*** Note: these product(S) are not intended to substitute for common hygiene practices such as frequent hand washing nor for Competent medical advice/treatment.***

The DIY KIT allows you to spray the product on your own bulbs yourself. Enough products to spray 5 standard light-bulbs. For more enquires regarding this product, please email

Using a photo-catalytic air purification technology, when our “Liquid, odourless, Titanium Dio-xide, Product” is sprayed on the glass of a Light-bulb, the liquid will form a very thin and transparent Coating on the  bulb, and the “Coated bulb” will begin to “Sanitize, Deodorize and De-toxify” the surrounding air, getting rid of deadly bacteria, viruses, toxic chemicals and odours, leaving behind, a fresher and cleaner air. It takes less than 1 minute, to spray one light-bulb. And once a bulb is sprayed, the coating can last for up to 10 years, on the glass of the light-bulb. However, we advise that you spray your bulbs once every 5 years. The same technology is used in “Tio2 Photo-catalytic Air Purification” systems. Everytime the coated bulb is switched on, it will start cleaning and sanitizing the air. Because the coating is transparent, you can continue to use your light-bulbs as you normally do, with the added benefits. *** For best performance, use a minimum of 1,000 lumens day-light bulb ( equivalent to 65 to 75 watt bulb ). ***

The product is made mainly from Titanium Dioxide ( Ti02 ), which is a product, that is used for many things including in sun-screens, to protect the skin from UV light damage. Our product is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified safe.

Please watch the short video below, to see “How To Spray Your Bulbs”.

THE DIY KIT OR PACKAGE, DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY LIGHT-BULBS. After installing the product on your light-bulbs, just switch them on, for them to start cleaning your Air.

The graph below shows that just after 2 hours of switching on a coated Light-bulb, the amount of “Carbon Monoxide” that was left in the enclosed area, was reduced by 50%. This can be of tremendous benefit to landlords, who are required by UK law to ensure that there are no carbon monoxide leaking from boilers, in the properties that they rent out to tenants.


Our product is produced from proprietary Titanium Dioxide Nano-particles ( Ti02 ). And Our technology uses a photocatalytic technology. “Photo” means Light and a “Catalyst” speeds up a reaction, but is not used up in the reaction. Scientists discovered in the 1960’s that when Sunlight and UV light reflects on titanium dioxide, they produce super-oxygen molecules in the surrounding air. These super-oxygen molecules have great oxidizing power.

The way that these super-oxygen molecules clean the air is similar to the way that hand sanitizers break down bacteria and viruses in your hands, by shredding them into pieces. When coated Light-bulbs are switched on, super oxygen molecules ( OH ) are produced from the moisture in the surrounding air, within a 10-feet radius, from the surface of the Light-Bulb. These molecules will begin to attack the pollutants in the air, breaking them down from the molecular level, into harmless residue, giving you a cleaner and freasher air to breathe.

Our technology works in the visible light spectrum. Your bulbs will not need ultra-violet ( UV ) light to work, and they will not produce ozone. The coated light-bulbs can be used both in-doors and out-doors.


Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a naturally occurring mineral used as a bright white pigment for paints. It has alot of uses including, being used in the food industry as a coloring ingredient, being used in sunscreens to protect the skin against UV light. It is also used in many other industries that are too many to list here.

Titanium dioxide has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration for use in human food, drugs, cosmetics, and food contact materials. These products have an MSDS rating of “Non-Toxic”, and are safe to use indoors and outdoors, with children and pets like any other CFL light bulb. Our products are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified.



As everyone who smokes knows, when you smoke in a room, the smell of the cigarette usually refuses to go away completely. Well, I had some light-bulbs sprayed, and placed two in the room where we usually smoke, in order to really see if the “deodorizing effect” of the bulb, will be strong enough to remove the smell of the cigarette from the room. Was I shocked ? I left the two bulbs switched on over-night, and the next morning, it was smelling soo fresh and clean in the room. The odour was totally gone ! Then, I said maybe, it was just me. And so, a friend came around and I asked him, “Can you smell any cigarette odour in this room ?”. He was like “I don’t smell anything.”Cut the whole story short, my friend ended up buying his own AIR SANITIZER, before he left my house. I am very pleased.


My cat releases one of the most potent smell, after it poops. You literarily can not afford to leave the poop Iin the cat box for too long. The smell just over-whelms the surrounding air. To be frank, I really did not buy the AIR SANITIZER for the sake of the cat poop. I bought it to help with the mold in my bathroom walls. I already thought that I would have to live with the smell of the cat poop for the rest of my life or the life of the cat ! However, for one reason or the other, we had 2 light-bulbs close to the cat’s box because I live in a small flat. Believe me when I say, I hardly notice the smell of the poop anymore. Before this time, I never had to go and check the box to see if the cat has done it’s business because the smell always make the announcement. But now, I literarily have to go check it. Also, the mold on the bathroom wall was greatly reduced within 3 days, but I am more impressed with the result that I got from smell of the cat poop.


I only rent a room in a shared property with a live-in landlord. However, for one reason or the other, my Landlord is usually reluctant to spend money on the property. The problem with the property was that, the walls of the bathroom had very bad, stinky mold on the walls. I also have a cat that stays with me in my room, in a relatively small space, and so, I need all the help that I can get to keep the air as fresh and clean as possible, as sometimes, the other house occupants complain about the smell. And so, I bought the AIR SANTIZER and sprayed the 2 bulbs in my room. Having more product left, I told my landlord that the SANITIZER could help with the mold on the walls, and he said, I should go ahead and spray the bulb in the bathroom. After 24 hours, I noticed that the air in my room was fresher and cleaner and you hardly smell the poop of the cat anymore. But, more importantly, the mold in the bathroom started looking very faint after 4 days. Within 8 days, you could hardly notice the marks on the walls. My landlord was soo impressed, he gave me my money back on the AIR SANITIZER. And so, I literarily got the product for free. I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.


The benefits of this AIR SANITIZER is too much to list. I sprayed some bulbs to an elderly couple because they were in their 90’s. After one week, the wife stopped sneezing, and she was always sneezing before their bulbs were sprayed. Also, the husband had oxygen throughout the house and he noticed an increase in his oxygen saturation level. Like before, he was getting 90 out of 100, and after the bulbs were done, he started getting 98 out of 100 satruration rate in his oxygen level. I am soo impressed and I am still documenting many other benefits of this product.


My Son had a cold flu and I think he must have gotten it from school. Anyways, the normal progression is that, my other two children and then my wife would catch the flu. I am usually the last person to catch the Flu virus in the house. Luckily, I came across the AIR SANITIZER and I thought, I should try this. I sprayed all the bulbs in the house, and left them all switched on for one full week. It was the best week for everybody as – NOBODY CAUGHT THE FLU FROM MY SON. NOT ME, NOT MY WIFE, NOT MY 2 OTHER CHILDREN. The AIR SANITIZER not only performed beyond my expectation, I believe that it really paid back itself within that week, because, if I fall sick for just 2 days, I lose a lot of money as being self-employed. I am definitely very grateful for this product.

Below are some studies done by 3rd parties on the benefits TiO2 photo-catalytic technology.

(1) Applications of Photocatalytic Disinfection

(2) Studies of photo-killing of bacteria using titanium dioxide nanoparticles

(3) Technology For Growing Plants In Space Leads To Device That Destroys Pathogens, Like Anthrax

(4) UCL scientists develop novel approaches for killing MRSA and E.coli

(5) Effective Photocatalytic Disinfection of E. coli