About Us

NANOTREAT LTD has been trading in the UK for almost 5 years now and our parent company has been perfecting Ti02 techniques for the past 18 years,  and also developing product knowledge and installation techniques for the TIO2 Nanotechnology coatings.

We are the Number 1 UK specialist when it comes to Titanium dioxide coatings on PV Solar panels, Light-bulbs, fabrics, glass, wood etc

We have 18 years of ‘parent company’ experience behind us, and 5 years of practical experience before us.

We offer a 10-year warranty after we have applied the titanium coating on your solar panels. We offer 3-year warranty on light-bulbs. Coated light-bulbs sanitizes, deodorizes and purifies the surounding air.

There is no other company in the whole world that offers such a warranty solar panel coatings. Also, the life expectancy of our coating is up to 25 years or more. Our difference is, we produce our own “Titanium formulae” specifically for different surfaces to ensure “lasting adherence” to the surfaces.

Some of our other coatings can be applied on buildings, wood, plastic etc to make the surfaces self-cleaning and to also clean the air. This is particularly beneficial in areas with poor air quality. The coating will continuously clean the air of air pollutants from vehicle emissions etc by transforming toxic and dangerous chemicals in the air .e.g. CO, CO2 into harmless forms. If any of our services or products interests you, please drop us an email on info@Nanotreat.co.uk and we can take it further.