About Us

While the technology of Tio2 Nano-technology Coating  and its numerous benefits namely : ( anti-viral, anti-bacterial and self-cleaning properties etc ) are not something new, the challenge with this technology is that, most coating hardly adhere long enough onto surfaces.

This is the reason why most Tio2 products in the market do not last long on surfaces. And this is what makes us unique and different.

Our Parent Company  NANOPOWER  has been perfecting the Tio2 products for the past 16 years plus. We have specifically designed Tio2 Coatings for specific surfaces. Our Tio2 Coatings for Solar PVs can last up to 25 years or more. Another one of our Tio2 Coating will last up to 10 years plus on bricks, glass, tiles, glass, marble, wood, ceramics etc. We also have Tio2 Coatings that are specifically designed for glass.

Name the material. We have the Tio2 coating for it.

We are the UK EXCLUSIVE SOLE DISTRIBUTOR OF ALL NANOPOWER PRODUCTS. For any enquiries, please email info@nanotreat.co.uk