- Coated PV Panels
- Self-Cleaning Coating
- Cleaner For Longer

(1) Titanium Solar PV Coating.
(2) Breaks Down Bird-Droppings.
(3) Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial.


Coated Solar PV panels produce up to 6% more electricity than un-coated solar panels. If panel A and panel B are both clean, and panel A is coated and panel B is not coated, panel A will produce up to 6% more electricity than panel B, due to the coating’s anti-reflective property.

Coated panels produce up to 35% more than un-cleaned panels. Our field test in California showed 17% more production in a 6 month period.

Coated panels will reduce the loss in efficiency of the panels due to dirt. Coating will decompose bird droppings, vehicle emissions, tree saps etc. Coated surfaces take longer to get dirty as it takes very little effort to clean them and the rain is usually strong enough. Coated surface also attract less dust due to the anti-static property of the coating. This will save you money on cleaning costs.

Snow will slide off the coated surface much faster than un-coated panels and this will increase the efficiency in winter periods.

Coating reduces the panel surface temperature co-efficient, which contributes to increase in efficiency as “Cool panels produce more than hot panels”.

Coating protects the panels from algae, fading, corrosion, UV light damage, Wear and Tear etc for up to 25 years or more. Therefore, rate of panel degradation will reduce, increasing the returns.

Coating will clean the air of toxic chemical pollutants from vehicle emissions etc This will continue to work 24/7 at the range of about 10 feet radius from the surface of the panel. Please research titanium air purifiers for more information. Property developers can apply the coating on solar panels before the panels are installed on the roof of properties, to improve the air quality surrounding the properties. In areas where the quality of air is poor due to vehicle emissions etc, we can apply a special titanium coatings on bricks, walls, bus-stops etc and not only will the coated surfaces become self-cleaning, they will start cleaning the air and improve the live of the people in the area.


**** NO OTHER COMPANY IN THE UK GUARANTEES THEIR COATING FOR 10 YEARS. We guarantee our coating for 10 years, but it can actually last for up to 25 years or more. After the application of the coating, your panels will look shinier than brand new !  ***



Coated Panels produced 17% MORE than un-coated panels over a 5-month period.